Developing innovative, inexpensive and easy to use litigation tools to enhance your case and cut your costs. 

Become part of a growing trend toward the full electronic courtroom.  With the InSession App, jurors view admitted evidence on individual iPads and can zoom, mark, and make relevant notes.  Connect with your jury and keep them focused, interested, and involved in your presentation.


Access, view, and edit your case anywhere from your iPad or computer with JurisTech in the cloud. Automatically synch your files across all devices. Safeguard your content with secure password protected sharing and file encryption. JWS also offers intuitive, straightforward litigation tools that are easy to navigate and convenient to use.

Web Services​
  InTrial /



Use our secure server to create and store your case in the cloud.  The InTrial App for iPad offers an easy to navigate litigation tool for trial presentation.

JurisTech Web Services

Create your case in the cloud and present your best evidence without incurring the high costs of traditional videotaped depositions.  Stream professional quality time/date stamped video depositions using an iPad.