Developing innovative, inexpensive and easy to use litigation tools to enhance your case and cut your costs. 

Litigation Support Services

We realize that every trial is different and every client is unique, so we offer a wide range of services to meet your needs at every stage of the litigation process. From document searches, copying and graphics to in-trial assistance, we can make your job easier and more efficient for a reasonable rate.

  • Trial Consulting using our InTrial App in conjunction with our integrated system of litigation apps
  • Analysis of the evidence to uncover key facts
  • Assistance in all types of discovery requests
  • Assistance with witness preparation
  • Deposition videography using our InCamera App
  • Creation of trial graphics, including timelines, chronologies, hyper-linked documents, demonstrative graphics, storyboard animations, oversized printing (to 60"), foam core boards, on site video, aerial drone video, and still photography
  • Document preparation (scan, copy -black/white, color, oversized)
  • Audio and/or video Synchronization of transcripts
  • Creation of single or multi-segment audio/video clips
  • Encoding/digitalization of audio/video
  • Preparation of exhibit binders (all file format printing, blow backs of e-files, slip sheet inserts, exhibit number and page ID endorsing, exhibit tabs)
  • Rental and set up of courtroom equipment (including iPads and Apple TV )